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4D Hair-like Eyebrows Waterproof Water Transfer Stickers Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Sticker Lasting False Eyebrow Patch Stickers

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It is very convenient and easy to use.

Can create your own unique eyebrow shape.

The gospel for those who have no eyebrows or fewer eyebrows.

how to use:

1. Cut out a pair of eyebrow stickers first, try to cut on the edge of the eyebrow as much as possible, don’t leave too much blank space.

2. If you have eyebrows, use olive oil or petroleum jelly to press down your eyebrows and let your eyebrows stick to your skin.

3. Peel off the layer of eyebrow sticker. The side of the torn film is fixed to the eyebrow shape. Do not move it. Use a wet wipe or a brush to soak the water and press it for a few seconds.


This product is suitable for use with less eyebrows or after shaving eyebrows. It is not recommended to use more eyebrows or thicker eyebrows.


Applicable people: people with few eyebrows or after shaving

Material: Craft paper

Size: about 15×21.5cm

Package Includes:

1 * Eyebrow patch

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